Shipments and returns within Swirtzerland

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Payment and Shipping Conditions
All services provided by the website and the local company must be paid for using PayPal, a credit card or by making an advance payment from your bank account to ours. Other payment methods are currently not available. After the order is received, the shipment is sent to the invoice recipient or to a shipping address specified by the invoice recipient. Our general shipping rates apply.

The product line at is subject to constant changes. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a continuous availability of the entire product line. You will be contacted if the product or machines you ordered is not available.

Return Policy
Your order form our website is a legal and binding agreement. As a general rule customized machines cannot be refunded and due to the nature of the business can only be refunded half of the purchase price so that parts and pieces can be sold off to recouperate our losses. This does not apply if the wrong item was sent to you or if the item was damaged during shipment. We kindly ask you to check the shipment upon receipt and to notify us within 10 days if you discover any errors or any defective items.