About us

Our company

We have been building machines in switzerland for over 6 years.

In order to reduce costs and to put the best quality machine on the market we have had to downscale our production and sell locally in switzerland. we have sold machines to most of the major schools and have put close to 600 machiens and products on the market. we have since split our company into 2 sectors one for the solid ready made machine market and one that allows you the customer to tell us what you want in a machine.

our business model:

  • You choose the parts taht you want to include
  • We build the machine according to your specifications
  • Each machine is backed by our 2 year guarantee

We help you become the engineer

Welcome to Swiss Artisan CNC where you engineer and control the design and engineering of your own CNC machine. With over 2000 different CNC machine combinations possible we are sure that you will never have to go anywhere else.


I did it my way, i could only find this option here and yet so close to home”  Dominique *******