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My Artisan CNC for woodwork ebenistry by GilbertM



This is a custom machine configuration that I needed in order to start my business and allow it to grow without having to change the machine later on when my business really started to take off.  I was starting out in the world of business by myself and wanted something to start out with that didn't cost that much but would still have very high precision.

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1000 Items

CHF 6'300.00

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About what I do:
I was born in Switzerland and my father was a woodworker all of his life this is probably why I became a woodworker myself . but times have changed and competition has become fierce so with the new times comes in new tools and this is why decided to build a CNC machine. I admit that I love to work with my hands so although I have a CNC machine most of the work will need to be touched by my hands.

My projects with my machine:
In order to compete in a world of IKEA where you can buy a couch for 100 CHF woodwork is a dying triend.  I plan to use the machine mostly to bring down costs so I can touch an clientele who wants quality but can't afford the normal costs of a true woodworker.

My machine requirements:
Materials: CNC machine for woodwork with a good precision and good repeatability
Precision: About a 10th of a millimeter would be sufficient
Speed: about 3000mm/min
Size: I plan to cut costs by repositioning the pieces so about a meter long
Budget: 6300 CHF for one machine
Special requirements: Three extra milling heads so I don't have to change tools

Technical specs:
Axes: Solid round axes 20mm
Drive train: Trapezoidal pure
Milling spindle: 4 Kress with locking nuts
Control module: MikroNC 3 axis control
Motors: 205 oz/in unipolar
Body table: 800x450mm flat aluminum table with 20 mm thickness
Tie down: axial bars and fixation for long pieces